Veena The Veena is one of the oldest stringed instruments in India.  It has a long, hollow body and  is played by plucking the  strings with the fingertips.

Mridangam The Mridangam is a double-headed drum that has been  used in Indian classical music  for centuries. It is made from  a single block of wood and  is played with the hands.

Bansuri The Bansuri is a bamboo  flute that has been played in India for thousands of years.  It has a rich, melodious tone and is commonly used  in classical music.

Rudra Veena  The Rudra Veena is an ancient plucked string instrument that dates back to the Vedic period.  It has a large body and is  played with a slide.

Sitar The Sitar is a popular stringed instrument in Indian classical music. It has a long neck,  a resonating gourd, and sympathetic strings that  create a unique sound.

Tabla The Tabla is a pair of drums  that are widely used in Indian music. It consists of a smaller drum called the "tabla" and a larger drum called the "bayan."

Sarod The Sarod is a fretless stringed instrument known for its deep, resonant sound. It is played with a pick made of coconut shell and is often used in Hindustani classical music.

Shehnai  The Shehnai is a wind instrument that is commonly played in traditional Indian weddings and festivals. It has a distinctive, nasal sound and is made of wood or metal.

Pakhawaj The Pakhawaj is a barrel-shaped drum that is used in Indian classical music. It is played  with the hands and is known  for its deep, booming sound.

Nadaswaram The Nadaswaram is a traditional wind instrument  that is popular in the southern part of India. It is made of wood and has a loud, shrill sound.