Tiranga Sandwich  Layers of green, white, and orange chutneys spread between slices of bread, creating a visually appealing tricolour effect.

Tricolour Pasta Salad Use spinach-based pasta  for green, regular pasta  for white, and tomato-based pasta for orange. Toss  with veggies and a  tricolour dressing.

Tricolour Dhokla Make a tricolour layered dhokla using spinach and carrot purees along with regular batter for the different layers.

Tricolour Smoothie Bowl  Blend spinach, banana, and mango for green, white, and orange layers in a smoothie bowl, topped with fresh fruits.

Indian Tricolour Rice Cook each layer of rice separately with spinach and carrot purees, then layer them in a dish for a vibrant tricolour effect.

Tricolour Mini Idlis Make mini idlis using rice and lentil batter, then color them using spinach and carrot purees for green and orange layers.

Tricolour Tacos  Use spinach tortillas for the green layer, regular tortillas for white, and tomato tortillas for orange, filled with your favorite fillings.

Tricolour Fruit Skewers Thread kiwi slices, banana chunks, and orange segments onto skewers to create a refreshing tricolour fruit platter.