Edited By: Pragati Bhandari

Indian Elephant Despite their revered status, elephants can be dangerous when they feel threatened, especially in the wild. They are known to charge and can cause significant damage with their sheer size and strength.

Bengal Tiger Tigers are apex predators and have been responsible for attacks on humans, especially in areas where their natural prey is scarce. They are powerful and possess strong jaws and sharp claws.

Indian Rhinoceros Though primarily herbivores, rhinos can be aggressive when provoked. Their immense size and sharp horn make them potentially dangerous.

Saltwater Crocodile Found in coastal areas, estuaries, and rivers, saltwater crocodiles are powerful predators with strong bites and excellent camouflage.

King Cobra The king cobra is highly venomous and can deliver a fatal bite. It's the longest venomous snake and possesses neurotoxic venom.

Indian Rock Python While not venomous, Indian pythons are large constrictor snakes that can pose a threat to humans if provoked or cornered.

Indian Red Scorpion This venomous scorpion's sting can be fatal, particularly to children or individuals with allergies.

Indian Ocean Box Jellyfish  Found in Indian Ocean waters, this jellyfish's venomous tentacles can deliver extremely painful and potentially deadly stings.

Indian Black Widow Spider  The venom of the  Indian black widow spider can cause significant  pain and discomfort, though deaths are rare.