Edited By: Pragati Bhandari

Entrance Placement The main entrance should ideally face north, east,  or northeast directions.  This is believed to invite positive energy and opportunities into the home.

Clutter-Free Entrance  Keep the entrance area clean, clutter-free, and well-lit to ensure a smooth flow of energy (prana) into the home.

Bedroom Location The master bedroom is best located in the southwest corner of the house. This is believed to promote stability and a sense of security.

Bed Placement Place the bed in such a way that your head is towards the south or east while sleeping. This is thought to align  your body's energy with  the Earth's magnetic field.

Kitchen Direction  The kitchen is ideally situated in the southeast corner of the house. This is said to ensure the positive flow of energy and good health.

Dining Area The dining area is best placed near the kitchen  and should not be adjacent  to the bathroom or  directly under a staircase.

Colors Use soothing and balanced colors that align with the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, and space) in different rooms. For instance, cool colors like blues and greens in the north and east, and warmer colors like reds and oranges in the south.

Furniture Arrangement Arrange furniture to allow  for a free and open flow of movement within each room. Avoid clutter and obstacles that can hinder energy flow.

Natural Light and Ventilation  Ensure ample natural light and proper ventilation in every room. Well-lit and airy spaces are believed to encourage positive energy.