10. Chimpui (1989–1991)  Chimpui, is an endearing manga and anime series. It revolves around the adorable and mischievous alien Chimpui, who brings joy and laughter to the lives of a young boy and his family.

09. Kiteretsu Daihyakka (1988–1996) Kiteretsu Daihyakka, is an engaging manga and anime series. It  follows the adventures of  Kiteretsu, a young boy with  a brilliant mind, and his inventive creations that lead to  fun-filled escapades.

08. Mami the Esper (1987–1989)  Mami the Esper, is a delightful manga and anime series. It revolves around the daily life of Mami, a young girl with psychic powers, and her humorous and heartwarming experiences.

07. Pro Golfer Saru (1985–1988)  Pro Golfer Saru, is a captivating manga and anime series. It follows the humorous and inspiring journey of Saru, a talented golfing chimpanzee, as he pursues his dreams of becoming a professional golfer.

06. Ninja Hattori (1981–1987)  Ninja Hattori, is an entertaining manga and anime series. It follows the adventures of a young ninja named Hattori and his comical escapades in the human world, protecting his friend Kenichi from trouble.

05. Monster Kid (1980–1982) Monster Kid is a charming manga and anime series created by Fujiko F. Fujio. It revolves around the mischievous and heartwarming adventures of a lovable little monster named Monster Kid  and his interactions with  humans and other creatures.

04. Tensai Bakabon (1971–1972)  Tensai Bakabon, is a delightful manga and anime series that revolves around the comedic escapades of the eccentric and clueless young boy Bakabon and his quirky family.

03. Doraemon (1970-2005) Doraemon is a popular manga and anime series in Japan, about a robotic cat from the future who assists a young boy named Nobita with his daily challenges using futuristic gadgets.

02. Perman (1967–1968)  Perman, is a manga and anime series centered around a young boy named Mitsuo Suwa who transforms into a superhero called Perman, using gadgets to fight villains and protect his neighborhood.

01. Obake no Q-taro (1965–1967) Obake no Q-taro, is a manga and anime series featuring a mischievous ghost named Q-taro who befriends humans and brings laughter to their lives with supernatural pranks.