Edited By: Pragati Bhandari

Owls  Owls are famous for their silent flight, thanks to special wing feathers that reduce turbulence. This allows them to swoop down on prey with minimal noise.

Cheetahs  Cheetahs are stealthy predators that use their incredible speed and agility to approach prey quietly before launching a lightning-fast sprint to catch it.

Tigers  Tigers are incredibly stealthy hunters, known for their ability to stalk prey silently in the grass or forest.

Snakes Many snake species are ambush predators that wait silently for prey to pass by, then strike quickly.

Lynx Lynx are solitary and stealthy hunters, stalking their prey with great patience.

Crocodiles Crocodiles are known for lurking silently in the water before ambushing prey that comes to the water's edge to drink.

African Wild Dogs These social predators use coordinated hunting strategies and remain silent during the hunt.

Cooper's Hawks These hawks are agile hunters that stalk birds in wooded areas with great stealth.