Edited By: Pragati Bhandari

African Grey Parrot Known for exceptional cognitive abilities, these parrots are highly skilled mimics and possess an impressive capacity for learning and understanding human speech.

Ravens Display problem-solving skills, complex communication, and have been observed using tools, indicating high intelligence levels.

Kea A highly curious and playful parrot species native to New Zealand, renowned for problem-solving abilities and complex social interactions.

Cockatoos Particularly the Goffin's cockatoo and the palm cockatoo, known for their problem-solving skills and tool usage in various contexts.

Pigeons Surprisingly intelligent birds, they demonstrate exceptional navigational skills and memory, often used in research for their cognitive abilities.

Jays Known for their memory skills and complex social behavior, including storing food and remembering  its location.

Macaws Recognized for their intelligence, macaws exhibit problem-solving abilities and are quick learners, often showcasing complex social interactions.

Owls Some species of owls, like the Eurasian eagle-owl and the great horned owl, display high levels of intelligence in hunting strategies and problem-solving related to capturing prey.