10. Democratic Republic of the Congo  The Democratic Republic of the Congo, faces ongoing conflicts, political instability, and economic struggles, leading to widespread poverty, displacement, and limited  access to basic services.

9. Niger   Niger, grapples with economic challenges, including food insecurity, low literacy rates, and inadequate healthcare, posing significant obstacles to development and poverty alleviation.

8. Liberia   Liberia, has struggled with the legacy of civil wars, economic instability, and limited infrastructure, hindering development and exacerbating poverty levels.

7. Central African Republic   Central African Republic, grapples with ongoing conflicts, political instability, and economic hardships, resulting in high poverty rates and limited access to basic services.

6. Afghanistan   Afghanistan, has faced decades of conflict, political instability, and economic challenges, leading to widespread poverty, limited infrastructure, and social  hardships for its population.

5. Sierra Leone   Sierra Leone, has endured a history of civil war, health epidemics, and economic struggles, contributing to widespread poverty and limited development opportunities.

4.  Madagascar  Madagascar, faces significant economic challenges, including  high poverty rates, limited access  to basic services, and environmental sustainability concerns.

3.  Mozambique  Mozambique, grapples with economic hardships, including widespread poverty, low education levels,  limited healthcare access, and  vulnerability to natural disasters.

2. Somalia  Somalia, has faced persistent challenges including conflict, drought, and limited infrastructure, hindering economic growth and development for its population.

1. Burundi   Burundi, one of the world's poorest countries, faces numerous economic challenges. Despite its natural beauty and cultural heritage, it struggles with poverty, limited infrastructure, and social development.