Edited By: Pragati Bhandari

Bloom The protagonist and leader of the Winx Club. She is a fairy with the power of fire and the Fairy of the Dragon Flame. Bloom is courageous and determined to protect the magical dimension.

Stella Bloom's best friend and roommate at Alfea. She is the Fairy of the Shining Sun and has the power of light. Stella is known for her fashion sense and positive energy.

Flora  A gentle and compassionate fairy, Flora is the Fairy of Nature. She has the power to communicate with plants and control nature's elements.

Musa Musa is a fairy with a passion for music. She is the Fairy of Music and has the power to manipulate sound waves. Musa is cool, calm, and has a strong love for melodies.

Tecna Tecna is a logical and tech-savvy fairy. She is the Fairy of Technology and possesses great knowledge of science and mathematics. Tecna is intelligent and analytical.

Aisha (Layla)  Aisha is a strong and athletic fairy. She is the Fairy of Waves and has the power to control water. Aisha is brave and determined.

Roxy  Roxy is a fairy introduced in later seasons. She is the Fairy of Animals and has the ability to communicate with and understand animals. Roxy is courageous and passionate about protecting Earth's creatures.

Daphne Bloom's older sister and a powerful nymph. Daphne is wise and guides the Winx Club on their journey. She later becomes the Fairy of Sirenix.

Icy One of the Trix witches, Icy is the leader of the group. She is manipulative and uses ice-based powers to try and defeat the Winx Club.

Stormy Another member of the Trix, Stormy has storm-related powers and a volatile personality. She is fierce and often clashes with the Winx Club.

Darcy The third member of the Trix, Darcy has the power of illusions and is known for her manipulative tactics.  She is cunning and enjoys  playing mind games.